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Zinc Journey Mandira Bungalows
Hatton, Sri Lanka

Set amidst some of the splendid views of lush tea plantations, the Mandira Bungalows in Hatton – Sri Lanka can rightly be called the Gem of Zinc Journey Hotel Collection. Each bungalow exudes a unique history, location and experience that our guests can revel in. Once, the abodes of colonial rulers, these quaint properties boast of exceptional views of the hill country and tea estates.

Ultimate luxury boutique hotel experience is what we offer at The Mandira Bunglows. Our excellence reverberates through our 5 key value principles of, unique location and Luxury offering, ultra-personalized service, the best quality of formal dining rooms, an authentic Sri Lankan experience and a socially and environmentally responsible operation. These collections of Planter’s Bungalows have been carefully restored to ensure that they radiate the revelry of the British Raj. It is replete with all modern facilities, so that our guests experience the true spirit of luxury and utmost comfort. Much love and care have been taken to preserve the old-world charm of these boutique bungalows and we are proud to showcase it to all our discerning guests.

With an elevation of 1300 meters above sea level, this town of Dickoya enjoys perfect weather for the major part of the year with an average temperature of 25 C. We encourage guests to stay as long as they can, to truly appreciate our concept and subsequently take back an experience to remember.

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