Our vision is to become leading hospitality brand in the region where we operate in and to be an employee centric organization. We will achieve this through our portfolio of brands, talented pool of people and best-in-class delivery systems. Our brand has built a portfolio of hotels that covers everything from upper upscale hotels in strategic locations across Africa, China, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka and resorts to serviced residences for our guest that offer great service and value.

"Authentic,Experiences,Delightful,Unique,Customizable,Choices,Eco,Social Engagement,Responsible"


"A Collection of Authentic Discoveries"

Zinc Journey hotels are unique independent boutique hotels with a light footprint located in inspiring locations which form part of the Zinc Journey circuit. They are true cultural expressions of their distinctive destinations. They offer curated experiences to guests, deep rooted in local discoveries and culture of the region such as the Horse Tea trail in Shangri-La & Lijiang in China, the sensory and immersive Tea journey in Hatton near Kandy, cultural and culinary discoveries in Sigiriya and Ella in Sri Lanka and soon to unveil Monastic meditations in Bhutan. Each of these journeys is a connective story of discovery in some of the most alluring destinations of the world. Zinc Journey is a brand created for the evolving traveller who is seeking rare and authentic experiences. The Zinc Journey world is one of many unique and personal experiences, of storytelling and narratives of native and local folklore, rooted in the destination. The staff belief being “We are our guest’s local friends”

Unique Physical Product

Ultra Personal Service

High Quality Wine and Dine Option

Value Added Authentic Experiences

Locally engaged, responsible operation

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